Seahorse Pro Dab Pen by Lookah

Product Description

When it comes to alternative vaping products, there is nothing more praised than the Seahorse Pro Dab Pen by Lookah. It is an alternative vaporizer that ensures a stellar experience from the first puff to the last. This device has incredible quality, while at the same time providing next-level performance. If you are looking for a versatile dab pen, the Seahorse Pro Dab Pen is the solution.

Delivering everything you love from a dab pen, and even more, the Seahorse Pro Dab Pen will certainly impress you. It is a perfectly engineered vaporizer that has a stunning variety of features, giving you the ability to experience your concentrates in the best way possible. Ready yourself for a convenient, portable, high-performance vaping device!

Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab Pen Review

The Seahorse Pro Dab Pen by Lookah is an advanced alternative vaping device that is designed to be used with your favorite concentrates. The Seahorse Pro starts with its amazing appearance, which is available in several colorways. It also boasts a remarkable quality, taking durability to the next level. Aside from its exterior, it houses an integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery and uses a ceramic second-generation core. The device can be used with bongs or the included glass tube, and has a feature that is designed specifically for wax vaping. You can two optional modes as well, including automatic or manual. When using the manual mode, you can adjust the voltage in a variety of steps, starting from 3.2V to 3.6V to 4.1V.

 For those looking for a high-quality, alternative dab pen, the Seahorse Pro Dab Pen by Lookah is an outstanding choice. The device is extremely compact and portable, it's easy to use, and it provides a remarkable vaping experience. Whether you're looking for a quick and portable session to yourself or you want to attach it to a bong for a big session with friends, the Seahorse Pro is able to deliver when you need it.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 33.6mm x 147.2mm
  • Portable and Convenient Design
  • Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Micro-USB Charging Port
  • Manual and Auto Mode
  • LED Pilot Lamp
  • Second-Generation Ceramic Core
  • Adjustable Step Voltage
  • Fast Heating Times
  • Easy To Clean

Product Includes

  • 1 x Seahorse Pro Dab pen
  • 1 x Tip/Coil Cover
  • 1 x Connect Hose
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x 14/18mm Adapter
  • 1 x Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual