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Float Mushroom

With its proprietary herbal blend, Float Mushroom has developed a wide range of products that provides hours of "matrix-breaking simulation." Using these mushroom-driven products, you'll experience a variety of effects. From a thirst-quenching dose of liquid shrooms to THC-O-infused chewy bite-sized vegan gummies, there are many trippy products to explore in this wonderful collection.

Float Mushroom is a premium alternative products brand that has developed innovative products, stretching from 2oz liquid shots that contains a proprietary herbal blend of Lions Mane Extract and Kava Kava Extract to delicious gummies infused with Lions Mane Extract and THC-O. It has developed these specialty products to shatter the norm and allow two worlds to combine, ultimately creating mushroom products in a whole new way.

Float Mushroom Products Review

Float Lions Mane Mushroom Shot by Float Mushroom

The Float Lions Mane Mushroom Shot by Float Mushroom is a trippy liquid shot that is made up of a proprietary herbal blend that will deliver up to 4-6 hours of effects. This matrix-breaking blend perfectly combines 1,000mg of Lions Mane Extract and 120mg of Kava Kava Extract, sparking creativity, motivation, and more. It's 100% Vegan-friendly and comes in three delicious flavors.

Float Vegan Mushroom THC-O Gummies by Float Mushroom

The Float Vegan Mushroom THC-O Gummies by Float Mushroom is a quick, discreet, and delicious way to enjoy the puzzling effects that this gummy provides. It is a bite-sized chewy gummy that brings together Lions Mane Mushroom Extract and THC-O, harmonizing two worlds to generate an amazing experience. The tasty treats are 100% Vegan-friendly and are available in three amazing flavors.

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