Superstrain Disposable Vape

With a passion for hemp, as well as the cannabinoids and terpenes that exist within it, we've built Superstrain — a driven hemp brand that specializes in direct-to-consumer and wholesale sales. Simply put, we make quality hemp products that you or your customers can rely on.


Superstrain is a hemp-based company that was established at the tail end of 2020, although we've built a range of leading brands in the vapor product and cannabis space for years. We have positioned ourselves in the cannabis capital, Huntington Beach, California, where we operate a facility that is geared towards providing premium hemp products both direct-to-consumer and wholesale.


What we do is create high-quality, cost-efficient alternative products that our customers will love and our clients will appreciate. Like many top-level brands, our goal is quite simple — to create premium hemp products that are a step above the rest to ensure customers are satisfied to the fullest. Our products are made to be clean, effective, and deliver a heightened level of enjoyment.