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Pinweel Delta 8 Gummies

Product Description

Pinweel Delta 8 Gummies

Generating effects that will help make you smile and be happy, Pinweel Delta 8 Gummies act as the perfect alternative for those seeking a mild and mellow experience. It is a delicious daily treat that harnesses the power of Delta 8 to ensure you're gaining the most euphoric satisfaction, all while treating your taste buds to a flavorsome treat. Pinweel is passionate about helping people smile and be happy, a slogan they've run with, and these gummies certainly live by it.

What are Pinweel Delta 8 Gummies? The Pinweel Delta 8 Gummies are highly effective adult gummy candies that are packed with flavor and effects. Each bite-sized candy is extremely chewy, juicy, and flowing with loads of flavors that will shower your taste buds with deliciousness. To top it off, every gummy is infused with 25mg of Delta 8, allowing you to experience mild and mellow effects of euphoria that you'll want to relive over and over. From delicious tastes of tart blue raspberry candy to a smooth, complex blend of pomegranates and lemonade, the flavor and effects are worthy of your attention, and you'll be thankful you gave them a try!

Pinweel is an industry-leading cannabis products brand that is based in California. It is parented by one of the world's largest vape and CBD manufacturing companies that are famed for producing brands like Pachamama, Pacha CBD, and Charlie's Chalk Dust, among more. Pinweel is a brand that focuses on developing enjoyable alternative products that are infused with hemp-derived cannabinoids, such as Delta 8, Delta 11, THC-P, and more. You'll be able to explore the collection of cannabinoids through a variety of proprietary blends in disposable vapes, vape cartridges, and gummies.

When you are wanting to shower your tastes with delicious and flavorful chewy candies and feel the euphoric effects that Delta 8 has to offer, choose the Pinweel Delta 8 Gummies. They are highly effective, juicy, chewy, and flavorsome, and make for the most pleasing experience. With just one gummy, you'll gain newfound love for a classic treat.

Pinweel Delta 8 Gummies Flavors

  • Pomegranate Lemonade - Making for an incredible experience, this mild, yet very effective gummy offers a "just right" balance for anyone to try. It is a deliciously complex flavor profile combining pomegranates and lemonade.
  • Blue Raspberry -  Delivering mild and mellow effects, and a delicious taste you'll want to munch on any chance you can get, this gummy is just the one you want. It is a blue raspberry flavor that offers a slightly tart, candy flavor you'll love.

Pinweel Delta 8 Gummies Features and Specifications

  • Edible Gummy Adult Candies
  • Mild & Mellow Experience
  • Infused With Delta 8
  • 20 Gummies Per Pack
  • 25mg Per Gummy
  • Available In 2 Flavors
    • Pomegranate Lemonade
    • Blue Raspberry
  • Contains Less Than 0.3% Delta 9

Product Includes

  • 1x Pack of Pinweel Delta 8 Gummies