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HHC Cookie by Tre House

Product Description

HHC Cookie by Tre House

Delivering a delicious way to enjoy your favorite cannabinoids, the HHC Cookie by Tre House will surely end up as your favorite alternative product from this brand. It creates an amazing flavor-filled and effective experience by using potent HHC and a birthday cake flavor. It's one of the best cookies you've had yet, and it harnesses the power of hemp-derived HHC.

What are Tre House HHC Cookies? HHC Cookie by Tre House is a delicious cookie that is infused with HHC to provide the euphoric effects that you'll love to experience. There's 50mg of HHC per cookie and a recommended 25mg per serving. In addition to the incredible effects, you'll get the delicious taste of the Birthday Cake flavor and topped with all of the confetti you could ask for. This edible will surely provide both the euphoria and flavors that you've been looking for with each bite, so get your taste buds ready to explore your favorite cannabinoid in a new way!

If you're looking for a delicious snack that gifts incredible effects and flavor, the HHC Cookie by Tre House is exactly what you want. It's a delicious cookie that tastes like birthday cake and grants the effects of HHC, creating an alternative product that you'll fall in love with bite after bite.

    Tre House HHC Cookie Features and Specifications

    • 50mg HHC Per Cookie
    • 2 Servings Per Cookie
    • Birthday Cake Flavor
    • Contains Less Than 0.3% Delta 9

    Product Includes

    • 1x HHC Cookie by Tre House