Fastest Growing Delta 8 Brands

The Fastest Growing Delta 8 Brands of 2023

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Delta 8 may be a minor cannabinoid but it is rapidly taking over the alternative product scene. This phytochemical provides stimulating, euphoric, and relaxing effects, making it an excellent recreational and medical choice. The cannabinoid is fairly new in the market, making finding a reliable retail or wholesale supplier challenging.

Fastest Growing Delta 8 Brands

This piece explores 6 of the best and fastest-growing Delta 8 brands of 2023. The brands are reputable and adhere to strict manufacturing standards to produce top-quality products. Working with either of these brands means getting authentic, potent, and safe Delta 8 products. Let’s begin…


Packwoods is a revolutionary brand that was established in 2017. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and specializes in making cannabinoid-based disposables, cartridges, edibles, and flowers. This is one of the leading Delta 8 brands on the market, with the Packspod Delta 8 disposable vape 2 grams being its most popular and sought-after device. The vape provides a potent experience, incredible flavors, and a powerful performance, which explains its ever-growing popularity.

Packwoods also manufactures top-tier HHC disposables, pre-rolls, flowers, and cartridges. Its latest release is the Packspod HHC live resin disposable vape. This device delivers a potent dose of HHC plus strain-specific terpenes, providing a euphoric, stimulating, and relaxing experience. The disposable comes prefilled with 2 grams of HHC and in five flavors - Snicker Bocker, Guava Bubblegum, Jelly Dulce, Sour Gushers, and Gelato Freeze.

The integrated battery is rechargeable, which ensures you enjoy the vape distillate till the last drop. If you are looking for a compact, portable, and lightweight HHC disposable vape, the Packspod HHC Disposable 2G should be at the top of your list.


Cake is a renowned Delta 8 brand whose name is synonymous with top-of-the-line quality and customer satisfaction. The company utilizes innovation and technology to create premium products that have placed it above the competition. This market leader ventured into the Delta 8 scene with its flagship product - the OG 1 gram Cake disposable - in 2020 and has since been a top choice for Delta 8 enthusiasts.

One of its best-selling products is the Cake Delta 8 disposable vape. This vape contains 2 grams of premium delta 8 distillate that is blended with strain-specific terpenes. This Cake disposable is an excellent pick for anyone seeking a rapid onset, relaxing effects, and an overall seamless experience. The device comes prefilled and precharged, meaning it is ready for use straight from the packaging.

Cake has installed a state-of-the-art heating element that provides authentic flavors and great vapor production. This Cake vape has an integrated, rechargeable battery that ensures you enjoy the distillate to the last drop. Some of the best flavors include LA Confidential, Tropicana Cookies, Banana Cookies, and Blue Dream.

Another fan favorite from this brand is the Cake Delta 8 cartridge. The Cake cart has a 1-gram distillate capacity, enough to last a good number of vaping sessions. The device is compatible with 510 threaded batteries, which applies to most of the batteries on the market. This diversity allows you to work with multiple batteries for unique experiences. The Cake Delta 8 cart comes in the same flavors as the Cake Delta 8 disposable vape.


Kalibloom is a veteran Delta 8 brand that has been in the business for over 5 years. This has given the company a unique understanding of the industry dynamics, customer needs, and market gaps that need to be filled. The brand is a global hemp-derived cannabinoid producer that is reliable, transparent, and reputable. Kalibloom has a comprehensive collection of phytochemical products ranging from disposables to prerolls, flowers, edibles, cartridges, and accessories.

The Kalibloom Kik Delta 8 disposable vape is the brand’s latest release. This device delivers potent mind and body effects that last for hours. The disposable is one of the best vapes on the market: it is feature-packed and delivers exceptional performance. The vape distillate contains 2 grams of Delta 8 and strain-specific terpenes. It comes in a variety of strains, such as Chemdawg, Maui Wowie, Papaya Rosin, Lemon Cake, Mimosa, and Berry Kush.

This device is fitted with a ceramic coil that facilitates faster heating time and better flavor production. It has an LED display screen that indicates the battery life, allowing you to charge the device before it runs out. The battery can be charged via a type-C port located at the bottom of the device. The automatic draw activation feature makes this device very beginner friendly. To fire it up, simply place the ergonomic mouthpiece on the lips, take a draw, and start vaping.


Zaza is one of the fastest-growing Delta 8 brands. The company was founded in 2021 and has since proven a force to reckon with. It has continuously released to-notch Delta 8 products, ranging from edibles to carts and disposables. Zaza products have gradually become a staple among Delta 8 lovers across the US and beyond. All its phytochemicals are hemp-derived and undergo a series of tests to ensure safety and potency. This alternative product brand provides 3rd party test reports for all its products.

One of its iconic releases is the Zaza Delta 8 live resin disposable vape. This is a happiness-inducing vape that delivers melting effects that keep consumers relaxed, positive, and calm. The device has become a staple among Delta 8 lovers. It features 1ml vape distillate that is infused with 2 grams of Delta 8 and high-grade terpenes. The vape is available in a wide range of strains that deliver potent Indica, Sativa, or hybrid effects. The strains include Cereal Milk, Green Crack, OG Kush, Strawberry Banana, Watermelon Kush, and Skywalker OG.

The Zaza Delta 8 live resin disposable vape has a powerful battery that is rechargeable via a type C charging port. It takes approximately 1 hour to charge the device fully. The recommended serving is 1 puff for novice Delta 8 consumers and 2 puffs for veteran consumers.


Torch is a popular Delta 8 brand that was created by cannabinoid enthusiasts with the aim of adding a ‘fun’ twist to cannabinoid consumption. The company is based in Los Angeles and has been in operation for 5+ years. Torch’s flagship product - Diamond 1G live resin disposable vape - was received overwhelmingly during its release and has been a favorite for many consumers over the years. The ever-growing popularity can be attributed to the quality adherence, the convenience the devices offer, and reasonable pricing.

Recently, Torch released a revolutionary Delta 8 disposable vape that provides an impressive 3.5 grams of Delta 8 and strain-specific terpenes. The device has a pre-heat function that heats the distillate for use immediately after you take a draw. The heating also helps to unclog in case the distillate gets stuck in the ceramic centre. This Torch disposable vape has an ergonomic mouthpiece that makes the vaping process seamless. The large viewing window lets you keep track of the vape distillate capacity.

The torch burn-out blend disposable vape consists of cannabinoids THC-M, THC-A and THC-P. These compounds interact with the human system to provide refreshing and relaxing effects after a long day or week. The device is rechargeable via a type-C charging port and utilizes a ceramic coil for the ultimate vapor and flavor production. The top Torch vape flavors include Biscotti Pancake, Cereal Runtz, Jet Fuel, Pineapple Express, Pink Starburst, and Watermelon Diesel.


Superstrain is a renowned alternative product producer and retailer. The brand was founded towards the end of 2020 and is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. This company is an industry leader that manufactures a wide range of cannabinoid-based products, ranging from tinctures to flowers, gummies, starter kits, disposable vapes, and cartridges. Superstrain has built itself a stellar reputation as the go-to retailer and wholesaler of premium Delta 8 products.

One of its top-selling products is the Delta 8 disposable vape. This is a sleek, compact, and portable device that delivers relaxing and stimulating effects. The device is built using sturdy and high-quality material to ensure longevity. It comes in multiple colorways and strains to meet the preference of different consumers.

The superstrain Delta 8 disposable vape utilizes the automatic activation feature to fire it up. The ergonomic mouthpiece makes vaping seamless and fun. Superstrain includes a viewing window to help you keep track of the 1ml vape distillate. Other features include a rechargeable 800mAh battery, CCell ceramic coil, and 10 mouthwatering flavors.