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What Does Delta 8 THC In Flower Feel Like?

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Due to its sudden success, people are beginning to explore the wonderland of Delta 8 products available on the market. Delta 8 Flower is increasing in popularity as a result, and with that comes many questions - thankfully, we're here to answer them. Once consumers discovered that we actually carry a product that infuses Delta 8 THC in flower, this led to many of you wondering what does Delta 8 THC in flower feel like? If you've got a few moments of your time to spare, we would like to share a brief explanation of the feeling you should expect from smoking, vaping, or eating Delta 8 THC in flower.

What Is Delta 8 THC In Flower?

Superstrain Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 THC In Flower is a combination of two to three parts (in our case, three). We take some of the finest quality hemp flower, spray it with our premium Delta 8 THC distillate, and roll it in a layer of CBG kief. It's a much more complex process than it sounds, as it requires incredible precision on our part. There are various ways to create Delta 8 Flower, such as different techniques and using different ingredients or cannabinoids.

Full-Spectrum Hemp

Delta 8 OG Kush Flower

As many people are aware, a full-spectrum product is one that contains the whole cannabinoid profile, without any extractions. Hemp by default is full-spectrum, containing a variety of cannabinoid concentrations, and it's especially rich in CBD. When you experience Delta 8 THC in flower, you are not only enduring the psychoactive effects and various benefits of Delta 8 but you are also experiencing a range of cannabinoids, including the most medicinally-charged, cannabidiol (CBD).

The Entourage Effect

It is believed by many, including researchers that an Entourage Effect exists. The Entourage Effect is ultimately a theory that the many cannabinoids in cannabis (whether hemp or marijuana) work in unison with one another when they are taken together. The theory is that they offer better or more pronounced effects than being taken alone.

Wading Through Misconceptions

While many people in the industry have touted that CBD is medicinal and THC is best for recreational use, we've managed to wade through the misconceptions with the help of a list of misconceptions compiled by Project CBD (a non-profit that is dedicated to understanding more about CBD through science). We discovered that these two cannabinoids, when taken together, provide extraordinary benefits. The best part about Delta 8 THC in Flower is that you are getting the best of both worlds. Before Delta 8 came to market, CBD users were pleased even with the smallest doses of THC combined with their CBD. Although all that it takes is a small dose of THC with CBD to improve its efficacy, you could see even more improvement when you combine such potency of Delta 8 THC with a CBD-rich hemp flower.

What Does Delta 8 THC In Flower Feel Like?

While the many benefits of Delta 8 Flower are quite pleasing to hear, many of you simply want to know what it feels like. Although we would love to share a specific answer, the truth is, everyone is different and Delta 8 THC in flower could effect you differently than it does someone else. We cannot say what you will feel like, as we do not want to make any claims, however, we can share the current user feedback we've received, as well as ones that have been submitted on the Internet.

Delta 8 THC in Flower will deliver very similar effects to the experience you receive from vaping Delta 8 or taking an edible, which of course the strength of those effects varying greatly depending on the person, the product used, and how much of the product is used. Expect similar effects but take note of the entourage effect we mentioned earlier, which improve the efficacy of one another. Delta 8 THC by itself is incredible, mostly for its psychoactive capabilities, while cannabinoids like CBD and CBG offer a remarkable listing of benefits as well. Add in the fact that you'll also embark on a journey with terpenes as well, and Delta 8 THC in Flower may be your most favored Superstrain product yet.