Delta 8 THC Distillate Syringe by Superstrain | 1 Gram

Product Description

Delta 8 Distillate | 1 Gram

Delivering a superior level of quality, our Superstrain Delta 8 Distillate 1ml Syringe goes beyond average with a clean, quality concentrate, which is best represented in its rawest form. Explore the wonderful experience only Delta 8 can offer using our latest, purest form of Delta 8.

Delta 8 Distillate Syringe
Delta 8 /Terpenes
1ML (1 Milliliter)
1 Gram
  • Total Delta-9: Below 0.3%

Delta 8 Distillate Review

The Superstrain Delta 8 Distillate is our raw distillate oil, providing the same superior level of quality and potency you've become familiar with using Superstrain brand products. Our raw Delta 8 distillate comes in syringes that are available in a variety of sizes to choose from. From its potent effects to the overall quality experience it provides, there is nothing better than the Superstrain Delta 8 Distillate.

Lab Report: Delta 8 Distillate