Delta 8 Pre Rolls

As many are aware, Delta 8 naturally occurs in very small concentrations, which is why more often than not, a rigorous scientific process must be completed to yield higher amounts. This means that Delta 8 Flower does not exist, until now. Our Delta 8 Pre Rolls combine the best of raw hemp flower and our premium Delta 8 distillate as one, creating the experience with hemp you've been waiting for.

Delta 8 Pre Rolls Review

Delta 8 Pre Rolls are pre-rolled joints filled with Delta 8 infused hemp. We offer a variety of pre-rolls, ranging from Delta 8 Pre Roll joints to blunts of all sizes. We use the finest US-grown quality hemp flower and infuse it with our premium Delta 8 distillate and strain-specific terpenes, providing a fascinating aroma and delicious flavors. While others may use shake or trim, we want to make every part of your experience with our Delta 8 Pre Rolls a quality one, therefore we use the whole hemp flower, which is filled with additional cannabinoids and offers a slow and consistent burn each time you smoke.

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