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The Latest News - July 2023

In this month of July, we've been popping off! From fireworks to a new stock of products, July has been a huge hit. We've got plenty of news to share to get you up to speed with the latest, we've also got some upcoming sales to look forward to, and we give you a look at the latest products to hit our shelves. We hope you enjoy this months read!

Here is what's up...

The Latest Industry News


The FTC and FDA have both sent letters of cease and desist to six different hemp-based companies, all housing Delta 8 products. The federal organizations shared that the packaging of their products are "almost identical to many snacks and candy children eat." Similar to Doritos, Nerds candy, and more, the packaging from the companies are said to be "unfair or deceptive marketing." The companies named were Delta Munchies, Dr. Smoke, Exclusive Hemp Farms, The Haunted Vapor Room, Nikte's Wholesale, and North Carolina Hemp Exchange.

While it's great that Tennessee recognizes that cannabinoids like Delta 8 and Delta 9 fall under the 2018 Farm Bill when hemp-derived, they have also chosen to impose a 6% tax on those cannabinoid-driven products, on top of the standard 7% state sales tax rate. From Delta 8 to Delta 9 to Delta 10, and even CBD, products derived from hemp now come with the tax. Those who have chose to sell the products also must obtain a state license and must comply with product testing standards.

We've known for years that plastic destroy the planet with pollution and waste, and there are thousands of people looking for ways to save it. Canadian researchers have conducted a new study that suggests that hemp bioplastics could replace current packaging. The team of researchers at Western University in London, Ontario used powder made by grinding up the stems from hemp, instead of using the high-density polyethylene pellets that are commonly used to create conventional plastic packaging. They took the hemp stems as a replacement and fed the material into the same manufacturing process as they do with the pellets. There was no added technology or process, and the results were incredible. It creates a new series of biocomposites sourced from renewable resources and strong potential for biodegradation in the environment, according to the study. While the strength and malleability didn't meet benchmarks for conventional plastics, it was however, stronger and more malleable than other materials that are plant-based.

The Latest Company News

If you've managed to miss out on our 4th of July sale, don't worry, as we have plenty of upcoming sales to take advantage of in the near future. Labor Day is just around the corner and while you wait, we have a list of deals to enjoy on our Promo and Coupons page. From 10% off on all ZAZA branded products to $10 off when you spend $100 or more, there is always a deal to be had to help you save money and experience more of what we have to offer.

The Top 3 Latest Products

We've got a host of new products we're currently bringing in stock and several that we've recently added to the store. We're always looking for the latest and greatest products to offer our customers, and here is a look at the top 3 latest products we've added.

1. Superstrain Delta 8 Disposable Vape | 3 Grams

Although you may be familiar with the Superstrain Delta 8 Disposable, we now have an even better device and a larger capacity to ensure longevity and performance throughout use. The Superstrain Delta 8 Disposable Vape has been revised to offer a larger capacity, while maintaining its compact design. It now has an integrated 300mAh rechargeable battery and a capacity capable of housing a 3000mg blend of Delta 8 and strain-specific terpenes. The device comes with an automatic firing mechanism to ensure an effortless experience and a 1.3ohm coil that takes performance to an all-new level. Enjoy the new device in a range of different strains to experience the most amazing tastes.


2. TAAT Beyond Nicotine Hemp Cigarette Carton

No stranger to the market, TAAT has built a solid brand by utilizing their team's collaborative experience in the world of cannabis products. The TAAT Beyond Nicotine Hemp Cigarette Carton is a bundle of 200 hemp cigarettes or 10 packs. They're made with premium hemp and were made using a special proprietary blend that is plant-based, contains zero nicotine, and zero tobacco. While it isn't a conventional cigarette, you'll enjoy similar characteristics, including the flavor. Each hemp cigarette uses the Beyond Tobacco filter, FSC branded paper, and contain 25mg of CBD.


3. TAAT Beyond Nicotine Hemp Cigarettes

The TAAT Beyond Nicotine Hemp Cigarettes have gained worldwide fame for their classic appearance, their spot-on taste, and patented proprietary plant-based blend. Made with premium hemp, TAAT Hemp Cigarettes offers a new alternative to conventional cigarettes, yet continues to provide the same characteristics. With Original, Smooth, and Menthol flavors, you'll experience an authentic tastes, the Beyond Tobacco filter, and FSC branded paper to amplify the quality and performance each time you light up. There are 20 hemp cigarettes per pack, each containing 25mg of CBD and less than 0.2% of THC.