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The Latest News - February 2023

Without a doubt, 2023 has kicked off to a great start in the world of alternative products, and we're extremely excited to see to share the latest news we've collected so far for the month of February. We're going to share the latest industry news, company news, and product news to bring you up-to-date.

Here is what's up...

The Latest Industry News


There is a lot of industry news to share, so much so that it's almost overwhelming. To give you a glimpse into what's happening in the world of cannabis, we've share bits and pieces to bring you up-to-date with what's happening.

To begin, Amsterdam, the Netherlands' capital and one of the most relaxed locations concerning sex work, cannabis, and more, is seeing a change in the rules it has become used to. After prohibiting laughing gas, they've now banned smoking cannabis in its Red Light District, sex workers now have to close their shops by 3am, and there are several more laws being implementer later in the year.

While Amsterdam is undergoing changes, so is California. In fact, the state of California is considering Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes. A lawmaker in San Francisco has proposed a new bill that would allow cannabis dispensaries to open Amsterdam-style cafes, allowing retailers to create a coffee shop atmosphere. Ultimately, the bill would make it where cannabis shops could sell food, coffee, and host music events so that people could enjoy cannabis socially.

MGO, a CPA and business advisory firm has created the 4th annual Cannabis 50 list, which recognizes the companies, organizations, and individuals who have made the most impact on the cannabis industry, including hemp, throughout the past year. The list is long, sharing the top entrepreneurs and organizations, nonprofits and activists, investors and banks, researchers and educators, and what you hear about most in the news, the athletes, entertainers, and influencers mainstreaming the cannabis culture. Some of the people on that list is Lil' Kim, Montel Williams, Diddy, Mike Tyson, and Wiz Khalifa.

Lastly, it was just too ironic not to share that it has been announced that U.S. Customs and Border Protection seizures of illegal cannabis have dropped tremendously in 2022. In 2022, only 154,797 pounds of cannabis were seized, which is less than half of what was seized by the agency in 2021. The amount seized has dropped 95% within the last 10 years. Why? More states have legalized marijuana, and thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived products using cannabinoids like Delta 8 is acting as the perfect legal alternative.

The Latest Company News

Unfortunately, we don't have heaps of company news to share, aside from the fact that we're always finding ways to improve your shopping experience and optimize our store for the best performance. Since we are an alternative products retailer, we're not only focused on providing hemp products. We're also focusing our attention towards a rising star, mushroom supplements. Feel free to take a look around to see all of the alternative options that are available to you.

The Latest Product News

As with every month, we're consistently adding products to our store, giving you an even larger variety. While we'll list some of the latest products to arrive, we have more than a handful that are on the way but haven't yet been placed in stock, including Amanita Mushroom Gummies, Ghost Shadow Blend Gummies and Disposable Vape, Tre House Prerolls, Jolly Cannabis Gummies, Soft Chews, and Disposable Vape, and many more to expect.

Ghost Phantom Blend Disposable Vape

The Ghost Phantom Blend Disposable Vape is a device that was just recently released and a part of Ghost's new roll-out of products. The device offers an integrated rechargeable battery and a large capacity, allowing it to house 3.5 grams of its new Phantom blend, which consists of Delta 6, THCx, THCb, and strain-specific terpenes. Choose from up to 5 strains with the most pleasing tastes.


Hidden Hills Live Resin Gummies

The Hidden Hills Live Resin Gummies share a discreet and enjoyable way to experience your favorite cannabinoids. This delicious and effective adult gummy offers euphoric effects by blending live resin cannabinoids, including Delta 11, Delta 9, and THC-P. Experience up to 300mg per gummy and choose between 3 of the most amazing flavor profiles.


Kush Burst Delta-8 Gummies

The Kush Burst Delta-8 Gummies are absolutely delicious, and very effective too. These bite-sized treats are the perfect addition to your daily routine. They're small but potent adult gummy candies that provide a chewy feel, an amazing taste, and euphoric effects by providing 50mg of Delta 8 per gummy. What's great about these gummies is that there are as many as 8 amazing flavors to choose from.


Kush Burst THC-O Gummies

The Kush Burst THC-O Gummies are just as pleasing to your taste, and your mind. You can expect nothing short of a delicious and effective experience, and you'll enjoy every last bite. They're discreet adult chewy gummies that are loaded with some of the most amazing flavors and 8 flavor options to choose from. Each gummy features a 50mg dose of THC-O and Delta 8, giving you a euphoric experience you'll remember.


Kush Burst THC-O Disposable Vape

The Kush Burst THC-O Disposable Vape is highly impressive and we just know you're going to love using it. The device is pre-charged, pre-filled, and has an automatic firing mechanism that allows for effortless vaping. It features an integrated rechargeable battery, a 2mL capacity, and includes 2 grams of THC-O, Delta 8, and strain-specific terpenes available in 6 options to choose from.