The Difference Between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Strains

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If there were ever any form of information you should consider memorizing before any other, it should most certainly be different strain types and their effects. It is the most basic information regarding cannabis, yet it is incredibly vital to the experience you receive when partaking in any cannabis product, whether that be Delta 9 THC (Marijuana), Delta 8 THC, or even CBD. Understanding strain types and their effects can drastically improve your experience. You can choose strains based on your mood, the time of day, and you can even choose specific strains to feel a certain effect or gain a specific benefit.


Understanding strain types and their effects can drastically improve your experience.


Types of Cannabis

There are two leading types of cannabis, which includes both Sativa and Indica. These types of cannabis are used for several purposes, such as medicinal and recreational use. Although it is known throughout the world of cannabis that Sativa and Indica is an indicator for what type of effects you would receive, many have and continue to discover that no matter the type of cannabis you choose, the effects they offer could be totally different than the type it is or what it’s labeled as. The third type of cannabis is what is referred to as a Hybrid, which is a blend of Sativa and Indica parent strains that can range in effects.

Rule of Thumb

There is a rule of thumb that all canna-users (anyone who partakes in cannabis products - i.e. CBD, Delta 8 THC, Marijuana) march to the drum of, which is that Sativa offers more energizing effects and Indica offers more calming effects. Though the types are a great indicator, it doesn’t always hold true, as the effects greatly depend on a number of complex parts, such as the chemical composition of the plant or the specific strain, along with the growing technique that was used to help develop and mature the plant. More often than not, these indicators help determine what effects you can expect.

Types of Strains

Cannabis Strains


A Sativa strain is grown tall and thin with the capability of growing up to 12 feet tall. It takes much longer to mature, compared to other strain types. It is often found in hot and dry climates, such as Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Sativa strains are best known for their energizing effects and produce more of a head high.


An Indica strain is grown short, stocky, and bushy. Instead of growing tall, it has chunky leaves that will grow wider and more broad than other types. The plant grows much faster than the Sativa strain and is known to produce more buds as well. The Indica strain thrives in harsh and dry climates of the Hindu Kush Mountains, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and India. Indica strains are best known for their calming, full-body effects.


Cannabis growers take multiple strains and cross them with one another to create new and unique strains, allowing them to target a range of effects. A Hybrid strain may differ in appearance due to the combination of Sativa and Indica parent strains. Hybrid strains are considered Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or they could offer a balance between the two. Hybrid strains are grown on a farm but oftentimes grown in greenhouses where the environment is controlled. You may experience a range of effects and it totally depends on the parent strains of what those effects will be.

Terpenes and Its Impacts

Terpenes also play a vital role in the experience you receive from certain strains. While most of the attention is focused on the type of strain, many do not realize that terpenes help determine the effects you receive as well. Terpenes not only affect the smell and taste but also helps determine the effects. There are many terpenes that exist, some more popular or more common than others.


Use this information and choose strains wisely based on the effects you would like to experience. Since it may be tough to memorize this information for some, just remember that Sativa is energizing, Indica is calming, and Hybrids are often a balance of the two. If you would like to learn more about terpenes, we’ve recently shared an article explaining what terpenes are and how they affect the body.