Delta 8 THC Percentage

How Much THC Is In Delta 8?

Whether you're concerned about passing a drug test or you're simply interested in learning how much THC is in a Delta 8 product that you have, we're here to dive into the topic and help you discover the THC percentage in Delta 8 so that you are more informed, and to help eliminate any sign of concerns.

The Basics of Delta 8

Before we begin going into how you can learn how much THC is in Delta 8, there are some basics that we must cover first. To begin with, let's first Delta 8 THC as a cannabinoid. Learn what it truly is and how it's different than others, learn about drug tests, lab reports, percentages, and how it all compares to one another.

Delta 8 Distillate

Delta 8 THC

The first thing to understand is that Delta 8 is a variant of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is a THC cannabinoid, so if you have concerns that THC may be in the Delta 8 product that you're using, we hate to be the barer of bad news but Delta 8 is THC itself. When you use Delta 8, you are using a THC product that is as close to using marijuana as it gets. The difference between Delta 8 and marijuana (Delta 9 THC is the cannabinoid in marijuana responsible for the high you receive) is:

  • Delta 8 produces mild psychoactive effects that are subtle and allows you to function more appropriately, making it more suitable for public use. Marijuana or Delta 9, to be more specific, presents potent effects that may not make it the most suitable product to use then push yourself out into the public eye. While these two are certainly similar, there are distinct differences that separate them.
  • Delta 8 is a compound that naturally occurs in cannabis but is only found in trace amounts whereas Delta 9 naturally occurs in cannabis in high amounts. As a result, CBD is converted into Delta 8 THC to produce larger quantities that are more affordable.

Do You Have To Worry About Drug Tests?

If you have concern about drug tests, Delta 8 products shouldn't be in your scope. When drug testing facilities run your urine, saliva, hair follicle or blood through the drug testing software, you will fail the drug test if there is still THC in your system. The drug testing software will detect any type of THC and does not decipher between the different types. When you take a drug test, no matter if Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC is in your system, you will fail the drug test.

Learning About The Percentages of THC In Delta 8

No matter what type of Delta 8 product you have, it uses a Delta 8 distillate to help create the product. The Delta 8 distillate has a certain percentage that will help indicate the potency. For example, the Superstrain Delta 8 THC Gummies are made with 93%+ Delta 8 THC or higher potency.

Most lab reports share the milligrams or 'potency' of a product. Within the lab report, you can better inform yourself about the product by looking for the report thoroughly. It will tell you what cannabinoids exist in the product, the percentage of those cannabinoids, if they exist, what terpenes were found in the product if they were included before testing, safety of the product, and an analysis of metals, mycotoxins, microbials, residual solvents and pesticides. This is all information you can gather about the product to not only learn more about it but to also make sure it checks out clear and is safe for you to use.

Percentages: Comparing Delta 8 to Delta 9

No matter what percentages in Delta 8 are shown on lab reports, it will never compare to Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 is a very potent compound when it comes to its psychoactive effects. There is a reason why it took so many years for marijuana to become legal, aside from greed. When you use a product with Delta 9, you get hammered. With Delta 8, you experience something totally different. The experience is subtle, chill, and doesn't create the heavy drag that you get when using Delta 9. While we would love to paint the perfect picture for you, it is best experience for yourself.


Delta 8 THC and the products that are created with it have gained worldwide attention for become one of the latest and greatest cannabinoids to surface on the market. It provides a range of wonderful benefits and effects but learning about the products before you use them should be of top priority. While the percentages may give you some indication as to how much Delta 8 THC is present, it doesn't quite tell you the strength or how it will make you feel. The only way to truly learn how it makes you feel is to try it for yourself. Keep in mind, however, that it is a THC product, you will fail a drug test, and it is a psychoactive compound but offers more subtle effects.