With its stunning arsenal of products, Superstrain has quickly gained attention far and wide. Consumers around the country have been flocking in droves to get their hands on the industry's finest hemp products, which range from premium Delta-8 THC to an array of CBD products. We've carefully developed collections that consumers love and our wholesale partners love to sell.


Our wholesale program is something we're extremely thrilled to offer our clients. The Superstrain Wholesale Program comes with a variety of benefits, it gives you access to some of the best hemp-derived products with competitive pricing, and allows you to continue providing access to alternative products to your customers.

Whether you own and operate a conveience store, smoke shop, CBD shop, vapor shop, or an online retail store, we have built out a complete wholesale program that will allow us to continuously supply you with the latest and greatest products, while also adding additional support to help you not only survive but thrive in the hemp industry.


To join the Superstrain Wholesale Program, you will first need to fill out the Wholesale Signup Form. Please fill out the entire form and input all of the nesseccary information so that one of our wholesale representatives can store your information and quickly reach out to you to finish the signup process. Please allow 24-48 hours for a representative to review the information you have submitted.

Wholesale Program Benefits

The Superstrain Wholesale Program has been created to give store owners greater access to premium Delta-8 THC products. The program consists of various benefits, ranging from competitive wholesale pricing to compliant shipping procedures. We have developed the program to benefit dealers, ensuring continuous residual income due to the access to hundreds of Delta 8 products.

Joining The Wholesale Program

We've made the signup process incredibly easy. Joining the Superstrain wholesale program takes just a few minutes of your time. It consists of filling out the signup Form. The information you input into the form will be immediately shared with one of our wholesale representatives. The representative will then contact you to finish the process and provide information.