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THC-O Raw Distillate by Superstrain

Product Description

THC-O Raw Distillate

Creating an all-new experience for your mind and body to partake in, THC-O Raw Distillate by Superstrain is the evolution in your journey with hemp products. It is one of the latest cannabinoids introduced to the market, although it has been around for quite some time. THC-O has quickly gained a loyal following for its spiritual-like effects and its severe potency that could even put the real stuff to shame. Enjoy THC-O in its rawest form and experience this clean, quality concentrate, which is now available to the public by milliliter or liter.

THC-O Raw Distillate Review

The Superstrain THC-O Raw Distillate is a distillate oil or concentrate, which is merely a concentrated form of the same THC-O you've come to know and enjoy from the famed line of Superstrain THC-O products. This raw distillate features extraordinary quality and a superior level of consistency, purity, and equally matching is its breathtaking potency. The THC-O Acetate cannabinoid is often referred to as the industry's "psychedelic cannabinoid", which should give you some indication as to what you should expect from this marveled compound. While it has just made its way to the market, THC-O Acetate has been around for quite some time, despite it just making its way to the market and gaining popularity. The cannabinoid is synthetic and is made in a professional lab environment, providing the best level of quality. Studies have shown that it is 300% stronger than regular THC. Our raw THC-O distillate comes in syringes that are available in a variety of sizes to choose from. From the incredible potency that it provides to the unique effects that will surely impress even the most experienced users, the THC-O Raw Distillate by Superstrain is in a whole class of its own.

Superstrain THC-O Raw Distillate Features and Specifications

  • Extracted From Hemp
  • Contains THC-O Acetate
  • Size: 1ML or 1L
  • Amount: N/A
  • Serving Size: N/A

Product Includes 

  • 1x Superstrain THC-O Raw Distillate Syringe