Kush Cake Terpenes by Superstrain

Product Description

Kush Cake Terpenes

Considered an industry icon, Kush Cake is one of the most favored terpene profiles to exist. It's commonly referred to as AC/DC and is mostly a CBD-dominant strain that delivers a balance between calming and energizing, acting as the perfect hybrid. While this strain often provides minute intoxicating effects, the medicinal side of it, as well as the flavor it provides is quite astonishing, which is why it has gained extraordinary popularity.

Kush Cake Terpenes Review

When it comes to providing terpene profiles, Superstrain has become one of the most sought-out sources, as we offer a whole range of legendary terpene profiles, such as Kush Cake Terpenes. It features an amazing flavor profile that consists of earthy and piney with lemongrass and cherry, keeping your tastes incredibly satisfied. The strain originates from a phenotype of Cannatonic. It enhances both CBD and Delta 8 by easily blending with the two using our easy-to-use syringes. If you are looking for relaxation, focus, and stress relief, all while enjoy a set of amazing tastes, we urge you to try our Superstrain Kush Cake Terpenes.