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Delta 8 Moon Rocks by Superstrain | 3.5 Grams

Product Description

Superstrain Delta 8 Moon Rocks | 3.5 Grams

Sending you off into another dimension, our Superstrain Delta 8 Moon Rocks provide an unearthly experience that we're thrilled to offer. Delta 8 Moon Rocks are hemp nuggets that have been carefully sprayed with premium Delta 8 distillate and rolled in CBG kief. From the quality hemp flower that is blistered with terpenes to the thick and sticky coating of CBG kief, this supercharged experience is truly out of this world.

The Superstrain Delta 8 Moon Rocks is made with great complexity, yet the final product is rather simple. It consists of premium raw hemp flower nuggets, which have been sprayed with Delta 8 and rolled in CBG kief. The nuggets you receive are dense, feature incredible bud structure, and have been coated to deliver the superior fragrant smoke and potency moons rocks have become known for. Delta 8 Moon Rocks have been created for avid cannabis users, as they provide a strong potency with very powerful effects. Experience a heightened level of cerebral euphoria with one of the industry's strongest Delta 8 Flower products, Delta 8 Moon Rocks by Superstrain.

Delta 8 Moon Rocks Strain Review

Superstrain Delta 8 Moon Rocks makes use of OG Kush Flower, which is one of the most reputable strains in the industry. It is known throughout cannabis culture for assisting in the creation of some of the most popular strains to exist, like Girl Scout Cookies and Headband. The OG Kush strain was first developed in Florida, somewhere in the 90s, and since has become a staple throughout the globe, highly touted for the outstanding aroma it provides. OG Kush was created when a mysterious Nothern California strain was crossed with Amsterdam's Hindu Kush, resulting in an Indica-dominant Hybrid with an extraordinary terpene profile and a pronounced aroma that includes space, skink, and fuel. Although these Delta 8 Moon Rocks can be used anytime, the OG Kush strain is enjoyed most during the daytime.

Superstrain Delta 8 Moon Rocks Features and Specifications

  • Extracted From Hemp
  • Contains Delta 8, CBG & Terpenes
  • Strain: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
  • Amount: 3.5 Grams
  • Serving Size: 1 Puff
  • Total Delta 9: Below 0.3%

Product Includes

  • 1x Superstrain Delta 8 Moon Rocks