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Delta 8 Guava Flower by Superstrain | 3.5 Grams

Product Description

Superstrain Delta 8 Guava Flower | 3.5 Grams

With a fruity aroma and flavor, our Superstrain Delta 8 Guava Flower provides an exceptional smoking experience with the help of the industry's finest sourced hemp flower. We've created a phenomenal product by bringing together our quality hemp with our premium Delta 8 Distillate, and a layer of CBG kief. Whether you're in it to roll a joint, pack a tight bowl, or you're setting out to become the next canna-chef, Superstrain Delta 8 Guava Flower is one of the best options on the market.

The Superstrain Delta 8 Guava Flower utilizes some of the industry's best quality raw hemp. To create the product and deliver the most authentic experience, we've layered the flower with our premium Delta 8 distillate and CBG kief. The results are absolutely phenomenal, boasting one of the smoothest smoking experiences followed by aroma and flavor that is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth for Delta 8 Flower. Our flower gives you the opportunity to explore the Delta 8 cannabinoid and its powerful effects in a new way, all while enabling a full-spectrum experience that combines a range of cannabinoids and terpenes that naturally occur. With a unique scent, a fruity and gassy taste, and the mesmerizing effects of Delta 8, there is nothing quite like it. The Superstrain Delta 8 Guava Flower only use ingredients that are 100% hemp-derived and contain CBD, CBG, and Delta 8 cannabinoids. Each jar contains 3.5 grams of Delta 8 Guava Flower.

Delta 8 Guava Flower Strain Review

The Delta 8 Guava Flower Strain is among one of the cannabis industry's most popular strains. It is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain that is a phenotype of the famed Gelato strain. It originates from Cookies Fam, a group of breeders that are located on the West Coast of the United States, and have become known for creating a long line of successful strains, such as Sunset Sherbet, Cherry Pie, and Gelato to name a few. While proprietary genetics are protected by Cookie Fam, what we do know is that it is one of the most celebrated strains for daily use, as it acts as a great way to start the day. Delta 8 Guava Flower provides an energizing and uplifting experience that gives way to a strong sense of euphoria and a flavorsome experience in which we're sure you'll want to revisit over and over.

Superstrain Delta 8 Guava Flower Features and Specifications 

  • Extracted From Hemp
  • Contains Delta 8, CBG, CBD & Terpenes
  • Strain: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
  • Amount: 3.5 Grams
  • Serving Size: 1 Puff
  • Total Delta 9: Below 0.3%

Product Includes

  • 1x Superstrain Delta 8 Guava Flower