Superstrain CBD For Every Day Gel Caps

CBD For Every Day Gel Caps by Superstrain

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Superstrain CBD For Every Day Gel Caps

Delivering a hefty dose of health and happiness designed for everyday use, our Superstrain CBD For Every Day Gel Caps act as the perfect addition to your daily regimen. If you are looking to explore the powerful wellness benefits of cannabidiol, we've created an ideal CBD Supplements product that will allow you to start your day off right every time with everyday gel caps. It uses the industry's finest, US-grown, quality hemp to create a pure broad-spectrum CBD extract that delivers a sense of calm, vitality, and wellness to your life.

 CBD For Every Day Gel Caps
 25mg Per Gel Cap
1 Gel Cap

CBD For Every Day Gel Caps Review

The Superstrain CBD For Every Day Gel Caps is one of the best alternative products you could fit into your daily regimen. Cannabidiol comes with a range of benefits that work tirelessly on both the mind and body. From boosting your immune system to reducing pain and anxiety to helping you finally enjoy a restful night's sleep, there are many uses that CBD is well known for. We've developed a remarkable formula that utilizes the power of CBD while maintaining a quality gel cap that is gluten-free, 100% vegan, which doesn't even contain a trace of THC. Every bottle of Superstrain CBD For Every Gel Caps will come with 30 gel capsules that are 25mg each, totaling 750mg per bottle. Going beyond just that, our gel caps are made from tapioca starch and have a high acid resistance, which won't degrade the formula before it enters your system. Moreover, our gel caps have a high bioavailability and higher absorption rates, allowing the CBD to enter your bloodstream even faster so that you can experience health and happiness quicker than other gel cap products on the market.

Additional Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Broad Spectrum CBD

Inactive Ingredients: Palm-Derived MCT Oil, Tapioca Starch

Due to the nature of our premium hemp products, some of them require special care, maintenance, and/or ideal conditions to remain fresh and as intended. Below is some product information that we thought you should know.

  • All of our premium hemp products contain 0.3% Delta 9 THC or less.
  • All of our premium hemp products are federally legal in the United States.
  • All of our premium hemp products have been lab tested.
  • Edibles and products such as Gummies have potential to melt in hot summer months. We recommend that you keep a close eye on the tracking process of your shipment so that you can bring it indoors as soon as it arrives.
  • Due to the thick consistency of Delta 8 distillate, vape pens and cartridges have the potential of getting 'clogged' if they are not used for an extended period of time. If this happens, take a few dry puffs without activating the device to ensure that the distillate soaks into the wicking material.

Superstrain and its entire staff is dedicated to total transparency. We have created a dedicated Lab Reports page to ensure that you know exactly what is in our premium hemp products. It is extremely important that you are aware of the contents, including both its potency and purity.

Before ever infusing our hemp extracts and specially formulated blends into our products, we first test them. We continue by submitting every batch to a licensed independent laboratory. Those lab reports and the details within them are then made publicly available, delivering on our promise of transparency and trust.

The Superstrain Delta 8 THC Distillate is the base of many of our famed products. We have carefully sourced some of the cleanest, purest Delta 8 THC concentrate to create and develop a large variety of our products. If our customers or clients ever have any questions or concerns about our products, you can contact one of our representatives.


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    Beyond the industry standard

    All-Natural Hemp

    The products we create and develop all utilize perfectly harvested and processed hemp grown on farms in the United States.

    Quality Extracts

    We use the industry's finest US-grown hemp extracts and special formulations to create the best premium hemp products on the market.

    Third-Party Testing

    Our premium hemp products endure rigorous testing from plant to finished product, providing next-level transparency and trust.