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Delta 8 Vape Juice by Superstrain

Product Description

Delta 8 Vape Juice by Superstrain

While it isn't the first, Delta 8 Vape Juice by Superstrain is definitely the best the market has to offer. It is the same special blend you've come to know from the Superstrain Delta 8 Disposable Vape, yet it has a thinner consistency, allowing you to refill your cartridges and devices.

Superstrain Delta 8 Vape Juice Review

What is Superstrain Delta 8 Vape Juice? The Delta 8 Vape Juice by Superstrain is a bottle of vape juice that is made by creating a special blend of Delta 8 distillate and natural terpenes to deliver the most flavorsome tastes and the most potent effects. Each bottle is 60mL in size and contains 500mg of Delta 8 and terpenes. The vape juice is available in a variety of strains to choose from, including Gorilla Glue, Sour Diesel, and Sunset Sherbet.

If you have been searching for a new vaping alternative that will allow you to explore the potential of Delta 8, while benefitting from natural terpenes and flavors, then you're definitely going to want to get your hands on this Delta 8 Vape Juice by Superstrain. It's the perfect all-day vape, and we cannot wait for you to try it for yourself!

Superstrain Delta 8 Vape Juice Strains

  • Gorilla Glue: Delivering a potent experience, Gorilla Glue is a Hybrid strain that is known to leave you glued to your seat. Its powerful effects are combined with a sense of energy, alongside earthy and pine aromas. It was made by crossing Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, and Chem's Sister strains.
  • Sour Diesel: While the flavor is extremely unique, it's definitely one people enjoy. Sour Diesel is a popular Sativa strain that generates a high sense of euphoria and a unique citrus flavor. It was made by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk strains.
  • Sunset Sherbet: Bombarding your tastes, you've never experienced anything quite like the Sunset Sherbet strain. It is an Indica strain that delivers a cerebral uplift and a candy-like taste. It originates from the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Superstrain Delta 8 Vape Juice Features and Specifications

  • Special Delta 8 Vape Juice Blend
  • Contains Delta 8 & Terpenes
  • 60ML Bottle Size
  • 500MG of Delta 8 Blend
  • Available In 3 Strains
  • Total Delta-9: Below 0.3%

Product Includes

1 x 60ML Bottle of Delta 8 Vape Juice by Superstrain