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Delta 10 Gummies by Superstrain

Product Description

Specially formulated with your tastes in mind, the Superstrain Delta 10 Gummies deliver a fascinating experience that is filled with loads of delicious flavor, our special blend of Delta 8 and Delta 10, and strain-specific terpenes that only enhance the experience. Our Delta 10 Edibles deliver pleasing effects, the chewiest feel, and amazing flavor. Give us the opportunity to elevate your day with our uniquely beneficial and effective Delta 10 Gummies.

Delta 10 Gummies allow you to experience all that the Delta 10 cannabinoid has to offer, with the added bonus of our famed Delta 8, and delicious flavors. If you aren't one that enjoys vaping, Delta 10 Gummies act as an incredible option. What many people find most pleasing about edibles is how potent they are, how they deliver prolonged effects, and the time it takes for you to feel the effects. Since gummies or any edible product must first pass through the digestive system and be metabolized, the onset of effects takes much longer to appear. Furthermore, the gummies must endure the whole process of digestion, therefore the effects from the gummies last longer, and oftentimes are far more intense than many other methods of delivery, such as vaping Delta 10.

Superstrain Delta 10 Gummies Flavor Review

The Superstrain Delta 10 Gummies are specially formulated to provide an exceptional experience, varying from its feel to its taste to the benefits and effects you receive from each and every bite. The gummies feature a square shape, they've been lightly dusted with sugar to further enhance their taste, and aren't overly sticky to ensure a sticky, mess-free zone. The gummies are squishy, tasty, packed with Delta 8 and 10, and offer a range of tastes, which include lime, blue razz, watermelon, and strawberry.

Each bottle of deliciously crafted bite-sized gummies is available in 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg strengths. Every gummy is loaded with 25mg of our Delta 8 and Delta 10 blend, delivering a solid and accurate dose to ensure nothing less than satisfaction. Our Superstrain Delta 10 Gummies are made with 93% Delta 8 or higher.

Superstrain Delta 10 Lime Gummies

The Delta 10 Lime Gummies share the most satisfying flavor, packing in tons of delicious sweetness, while also delivering that acidic tart taste you've come to know and love from one of the most unique flavors. With just one bite into this mouth-puckering gummy, you'll enjoy an overload of zesty sourness and that classic bitterness you crave.

Superstrain Delta 10 Watermelon Gummies

The Delta 10 Watermelon Gummies are definitely one of our most favored flavors out of our entire collection. Watermelon is such a universally enjoyed taste, as it has become an iconic fruit flavor of the summer. From its pink rind to the green striped outer shell, with each delicious gummy bite, your mouth will be watering with excitement from this familiar flavor.

Superstrain Delta 10 Strawberry Gummies

The Delta 10 Strawberry Gummies may offer a flavor that seems as if it is widely overused in every type of candy but these tasty bites just hit differently. When you bite into one of these candy gummies, your taste buds will be overwhelmed with a blend of fruit, sweet, sour, and sugar candy goodness, which comes along with a lingering taste that will keep you coming back.

Superstrain Delta 10 Blue Razz Gummies

The Delta 10 Blue Razz Gummies have to be one of the most exciting flavors added to this collection. It delivers the same thrilling blue raspberry flavor that you've become familiar with in your favorite candies and beverages. Enjoy the sweetness, slight tartness, and that classic blue raspberry candy taffy flavor that your taste buds have been missing out on.

Superstrain Delta 10 Gummies Features and Specifications 

  • Extracted From Hemp
  • Contains Delta 10, Delta 8, or Terpenes 
  • Size: 250mg, 500mg & 1000mg
  • Amount: 25mg Per Gummy
  • Serving Size: 1 Gummy
  • Total Delta 9: Below 0.3%